Sports greenhouses

The sports greenhouses are designed to cover sports spaces (e.g. boules courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.). They are usually realized according to the main model, the MULTIART greenhouse.

General features

  • Structure composed by no. 1 nave of the greenhouse, Model MULTIART 9600
  • Length: m 30.00
  • Arches in tubular  Ø 60 mm
  • Transversal reinforcement tie-rod (Ø 32 mm)
  • Covering in white milk coextruded multi-layer film – thickness 200 microns
  • Film fastening with two-film covering system air interspace maintained under steady pressure by an electric turbine controlled by a cyclic timer .
  • Pluggings with plates in in semi-rigid PVC ONDEX

Anchoring to the ground

The grounded anchoring of the sport greenhouses is carried out by inserts in tubular to dip in concrete plinths.

  • Bearing structure realized by means of 2 vertical tubular poles (75 x 45 mm) connected to the first arch in the upper side and fastened to the concrete plinth in the lower side . Rectangular profiles (55 x 30 mm) horizontally connect the poles of the span to the upright poles

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