Plastic photovoltaic greenhouses : MULTISUN- Europrogress

Multisun are the photovoltaic plastic greenhouses, which combine cultivation and new technologies; The plastic greenhouses are provided with photovoltaic panels..

The Multisun plastic greenhouses are manufactured in the following lengths :

  • 6.00 M
  • 6.40 M
  • 9.60 M

The supporting frame of the plastic greenhouses is realized with upright poles in rectangular tubular anchored on concrete plinths.
The ridge structure is composed by trusses realized with tubular 60X40 and 40X40.
The inclination angle of the structure is of 22.6°.
Anchoring system of the photovoltaic panel by tight aluminum profiles adjustable to any panel size.
Covering of North roof pitches with plastic film; on demand, inflated, thus granting the best agronomic result for a cultivation greenhouse.

The ridge aeration is carried out by continuous windows placed on each roof pitch at the North.

Dynamic ventilation systems and perimetral windows can be installed.

The building works are minimized without the necessity of continuous foundations.


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