Photovoltaic greenhouses

Europrogress photovoltaic greenhouses

In the last years we have designed, manufactured and installed photovoltaic greenhouses suitable for the support of photovoltaic panels with integrated system, thus increasing our production range in the innovative energy field.

The specifications of the photovoltaic greenhouses are:  :

  • Customized projects for the installation of panels with or without frame;
  • Structures grounded by means of plinths provided with removable hooks, which make the removal easier once the photovoltaic plant is exhausted;
  • Greenhouses statistically compliant with the regulation in force and suitable for the filing, if any, of the calculations by the Civil Engineers;
  • Completely hot galvanized or prepainted materials (including nuts and bolts).
  • Panel supports made with aluminum profiles and their fastening by “dutral “ joint ;
  • Plugging materials, compatible with the structure and the different cultivation needs, consist of plastic films, semi-rigid materials and glass to enhance the use of direct and diffused light;
  • Accesses to the structures by means of leaf or sliding doors suitable for the introduction of the equipment and tools for cultivation;
  • Manual openings by means of aluminum reducers;
  • Motorized openings provided with climate control units.

For our greenhouses, we supply our profile in aluminum specially-designed for the support of the photovoltaic panel allowing hermetic closing.

Our photovoltaic greenhouses are of two types :


Multisun e Venlosun

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