Breeding greenhouses: FARMART

Breeding greenhouses: FARMART– Europrogress

The breeding greenhouse is usually designed according to our MULTIART model without gutter or MULTISUN.

According to the needs, the breeding greenhouses are also considered the ogive-shape structures, which do not require eny cementation..

General specifications

  • Structure composed by 3 greenhouse naves of the MULTIART 8000/8700 SG model.
  • Length m 50.00/ 65.00
  • Ridge covering in white opaque long duration plastic film with inflated cavity
  • Lateral aeration system with motorized roll-up openings.
  • Opening automation with motor control unit
  • Wind and rain safety sensors
  • Access through two- leaf sliding doors in galvanized steel
  • Arches in tubular Ø 60 mm
  • Transversal reinforcement tie-rod (Ø 32 mm) between the pole and the arch
  • The fastening of the film in the gutter area is carried out by a film tensioning tube (30 x 30 mm) and specially-designed clips in PVC
  • Pluggings with corrugated polycarbonate / plastic film.

Anchoring to the ground

Anchoring to the ground by feet with plate to concrete-in in the foundation.


  • Bearing structure realized by means of 2 vertical tubular poles (80 x 80 x 3 mm) connected to the first arch in the upper side and fastened to the head foot in the lower side . Rectangular profiles (60 x 30 mm) horizontally connect the poles of the span to the upright poles

Lateral windows :

Ascending lateral aeration system through plugging film roll-up openings.

The roll-up takes place on galvanized iron control tubular (Ø 28 mm).

Movement of the automatic windows by fixed motoreducer with cardan.

Opening low band in alveolar polycarbonate (height – about 70 cm)

Upper shaped profile of the low band in galvanized steel, which improves its tightness.

The fixed sections of the opening ends are made in alveolar polycarbonate.

Opening retaining tie-rods Ø 27 mm. each 2 arches.

Materials used for the covering :

Coextruded, multi-layer, long duration, high thermal performance and mechanical resistance SKY 8 film . 45 month guarantee. Colour: white opaque, A combination of EV and specfic additives, spread in the 3 layers, absorbs the radiations and reduce the heat losses during the night, by providing frost-protection, reduction of energy consumption. The anti-drop additive reduces the condensation water superficial tension, by thus avoiding the formation of drops..

Fastening with aluminum and PVC:

The film fastening is obtained by the embedment under pressure of two PVC profiles on a specific aluminum profile fastened to the structure by self-drilling screws..

Interspace :

Insulation through two film covering system with air interspace maintained under steady pressure by an electric turbine controlled by a cyclic timer resulting in an energy saving up to 40 % compared with the glass or single film wall greenhouses ; it also remarkably avoids temperature leaps inside the greenhouse.

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