Tunnelart – The tunnel greenhouses

Tunnelart, tunnel greenhouses providing the greatest accessibility in the laterals.

Materials used for the tunnel greenhouses

The basic elements of the tunnel greenhouses are manufactured in galvanized steel through the Sendzimir Z 275 process in a molten zinc dip and are built according to criteria, which make their assembly easier.

Anchoring for the tunnel greenhouses

The tunnel greenhouses are anchored to the ground by means of specially-designed screw anchors in galvanized steel, which are fastened to the structure matching the basic cross vaults.

Anchoring to the ground through the burial of the covering plastic film in properly sized lateral furrows (operation at customer’s expense) according to the drawing supplied..

This system provides a safe, reliable and effective anchoring for strongly windy areas.

Tunnel greenhouse structure

The arches for tunnel greenhouses, in tube Ø 60/80 mm spaced between them of m 2.00.

Spacers between an arch and the other one Ø 32 mm.

Ends braced and reinforced by additional spacers (for each end) in order to spread the load of the head wind  on more arches.

Truss traction chain.

Tunnel greenhouses tilting heads

The tunnel greenhouses are provided with tilting heads suitable for the plastic film plugging. made by a structure in tubular diam. 32 and divided into 3 fully overturning sections with inserted access leaf door.  Tunnel greenhouses

Lateral windows

Ascending lateral aeration system through plugging film roll-up openings.

Our models of tunnel agricultural greenhouses are :

  • arch tunnel;
  • gothic arch tunnel;
  • upright wall tunnel.

Arch Tunnel

Gothic Arch Tunnel

Upright Wall Tunnel

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