Cover Film

New generation plastic cover films : the SKY film

Europrogress is official dealer of the plastic cover films for agriculture of the company PLASTIKA KRITIS, specialized in this production. The plastic cover film for greenhouses is called SKY film and has become a guarantee over the years both for quality and long duration.

Technical specifications of the cover film :

Tests and an accurate selection of the raw materials combined with strict quality control procedures make the cover film more stable and guarantee a remarhable cost-effectiveness and an additional safety especially in areas with very strong winds.
The thickness of the SKY cover film is lower than the usual plastic covers, even if its resistance is greater.
These fimls contain 15-30 % more of stabilizer, a substance allowing to withstand UV rays; the combination of these features ensures that the duration of the SKY cover film be greater than the guarantee period.

Three-layer effect of the cover film :

Europrogress offers special three-layer thermal cover films : a combination of EVA and specific additives; divided in the 3 layers, they absorb radiations and reduce the hrat losses during the night..
The advantages of these thermal cover films are :

  • protection against frost and low temperatures,
  • reduction of energy consumption,
  • reduction of production times,
  • better quality of crops.

Light transmission

The light transmission is absolutely essential for the plant growing and the SKY cover film, as a result of long studies and plenty of tests, has been improved to guarantee the maximum lighting..

Diffused light of the SKY cover film

It has been tested that, in areas with a high solar exposure, the diffused light has a positive effect on the plant growing, since it reduces shadows and ensures an even distribution of it, that, reaches, in this ways, also the lowest parts of the cultivation..
Europrogress, according to the specific requirements of the various climatic areas and different crops, can supply cover films with more or less high diffusion features.

Anti-condensation effect

The SKY cover film with anti-drop additive reduces the superficial tension of condensation water and, consequently, avoids the drop formation..
The treatment allows to get an excellent transparency of the cover film, even under conditions of high humidity and also avoids a prejudicial drip directly on protected cultivations.
The efficiency and duration of this action are affected by environmental humidity as well as by temperature.
Different models and sizes are available.

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Film in transparent polyethylene
180 μ
33-45 months
transmitted light 90%
diffused light 16%

SKY AD TÜV 3992 AD AVAILABLE DIMENSIONS : M 7.00-M 9.00 - M 10.50-M 11.50 Covers ≤ 11,50 mt.

Film in polyethylene
180 μ
33-45 months
Transmitted light ̴ 90%
Diffused light ̴ 16%

SKY AD TÜV 3954 AD AVAILABLE DIMENSIONS : M 12.50 -M 14.00 Covers ≥ 12,50 mt.

Film in polyethylene
190 μ
33-45 months
Transmitted light ̴ 90%
Diffused light ̴ 16%
Without metallocene


Film in polypropylene – green/black colour
450 μ
8-10 years
Available dimensions M 4 or multiple Max 28×42 m.
PVC ART. 745 Colour: white – ivory – grey – green
650 gr/m²