Irrigation and Fertigation for Greenhouses

Irrigation and fertigation for greenhouses

Irrigation or fertigation are one of the important aspects to evaluate during the realization of a greenhouse. A good water distribution actually meets the needs of any kind of crop by saving time.
The cost effectiveness and uniformity of irrigation or fertigation in the horti-floricultural nurseries are the most sensitive problems of the agri-food business operators; for this purpose, automated irrigation mobile bars have been designed and realized according to crop needs.

Mobile irrigation

The mobile irrigators comply with the European regulations in force, with the EEC safety regulation and are original and patented.

  • Central assembly to the greenhouse.
  • Galvanized components to guarantee duration and strength.
  • Movements on bearings to reduce efforts.
  • Unidirectional irrigation.
  • Variable work speed.
  • Feed pipes and anti-weed distribution .
  • Filter, feed stopcock and electrovalve.
  • Electric control panel.
  • Suitable for any type of structure.

Possible control and working options, such as: programming timer, irrigation area cards, hanging feed pipe, water predrainage pipe, second nozzle row and other special applications on demand.

Hanging recirculation pipe.

  • Work length up to 200 m.
  • Irrigates the whole greenhouse surface.
  • No hindrance of the water pipe.
  • Possibility of frontal water connection or at the centre of the greenhouse.
  • Greatest irrigation uniformity on the whole length of the greenhouse; no pressure losses due to the coiling or position change of the pipe.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Pipe hung with small trolleys
Pipe on the ground

Irrigation by Fertigation

Fertigation: irrigation by fertillizer.

The proper dosage of each element of the mixture for fertigation, according to the recipe formulated by the user, guarantees the best and uniform crop growing.

The computerized fertigation allows the automatic mixing of fertilizing solutions starting from 3 components; mother solutions, contained in special tanks (a. b. c.).
The mixing for fertigation is carried out, according to the recipe programmed by the user, depending on the requested percentage of each component and on the electric conductibility of the final solution.
The computer will correct the alcalinity of the solution by injecting a suitable quantity of acid in the mixing tank according to the desired Ph value.
It also controls the opening of the distribution elettrovalves of the nutritive solution in irrigation line according to the times and frequencies scheduled by the user.