Climate For Greenhouses

Climate for greenhouses: electronics is at the service of agriculture.

The climate management inside the greenhouse through units and safety sensors has already become compulsory..

Electric systems and lighting.

The new requirements have made it necessary to use electronics in agriculture. What has been more developed is the climate management for greenhouses through control units and sensors..
Europrogress markets plenty models of switchboards for the control of the opening and closing motors of the greenhouse doors.
The model with case in fibreglass or PVC can be built for the control from 1 up to 23 motors.

It is, therefore, a very wide range, which can meet any requirement.

Special models on demand make it possible to have, for example, an opening in automatic sequence of  a lot of motors even with little power..

All the models can be easily connected to a wind control unit and a rain sensor or  to a  climatic computer  by a simple intervention on an internal terminal box..

The fibreglass models are also designed for the connection to the climatic control computer always by a special internal terminal box.

The construction of these switchboards complies with all the safery regulations in force and each motor is individually protected by a suitable device..

In addition to the climate for greenhouses, these control units manage the film inflation or, if requested, the internal humidity.