The Europrogress Group, leader in the agri-food business of the greenhouses

Europrogress Srl thanks to its sales network and to its international approach relies on collaborations with experts in the agri-food business to meet customized requests and special projects in the different geographic areas.

The Europrogress group is national leader in the agri-food business for the production of greenhouses and the marketing of installations and technologies for protected crops. Our group of collaborators include 300 qualified and experienced people. All together, we can achieve the best result for any kind of request and project. We have carried out more than 800 hectares of covered surface all over the world

Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Metal Gei


METAL GEI collaborates with Europrogress srl in designs, developments and installations of photovoltaic plants for greenhouses intended for the assembly of pannels. They also supply any kind of bent sheet. of different thickness and measures for various projects developed with us..

Via Marzabotto, 12 – 41030 Villavara di Bomporto (MO)

Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Techorma


This company has been dealing in the agri-food business for mofe than 25 years and has been manufacturing equipment for horticulture with particular attention to the range for the fitting and the display in the vegetal merchandising field, which, as a result of the market requirements, has been definetely expanding leading to the great development of garden centers.

Thanks to this collaboration, we specialized in such a direction by professionally increasing the offer for all what concerns the garden business, through our brand ‘GARDENITALIA’.
3 rue de La Forêt Noire Illfurth z.i. De La Doler 68720 France

Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Debetschalke


Debets Schalke, specialized company in the supply of new and used glass greenhouses..
This partnership, strengthened over the years, enables us to expand our range of products, including therefore the option of the glass greenhouse at a more convenient price..
In the last years, this company has been following the market request of innovative energies  and energy saving. They have been supplying production greenhouses designed for the assembly of photovoltaic pannels. We are collaborating in this field in order to share our experience and achieve our intended objectives by meeting the customer’s requirements and investment. .
Bvhavenst raat 49 Lc Monster 2681 Nl


Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Deforche


Deforche, another leader company in the agri-food business with 75 years of experience, specialized in the development of complete projects of production greenhouses, greenhouses for garden center and industrial warehouse greenhouses. Europrogress srl has been collaborating with this company for years by  mutually exchanging and sharing professional knowledge in order to achieve the common objective of the final user’s satisfaction.
Gentseheerweg 108 Izegem 8870 Belgium


Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Societe Mediterraneenne

SMS s.a.r.l.

Since 2001 Europrogress srl has had a stake in the share ownership of the French company SMS s.a.r.l. based in Nice and with which it carries out new greenhouse projects as well as the maintenance of existing greenhouses, by making easier for the operators of the agricultural and food field to buy technical means at competitive costs thanks to the legislation among European countries and with operativeness in France.
Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Plastika Kritis

Europrogress is official dealerr of the films of Plastica Kritis . The company, located in Iraklion, Crete, has been producing films since 1970 and it is one of the European greatest manufacturers of agricultural plastic films.  The production of these films has been enhanced in the last years by combining quality, technological innovation, competitiveness, flexibility in order to ensure a resistance of the product greater than the average.


P.O.Box 1093 GR 711 10 Iraklion – Crete GREECE 


Serre Europrogress settore agroalimentare - Agripolyane


Europrogress is dealerr of the film of AGRIPOLYANE. The French company has been producing plastic films for agriculture, for building and for the industrial field for over 50 years.However their key product is the plastic film for agriculture. Europrogress relies on their experience to use the films of this company, which are specially effective and resistant and provide a long lifespan when applied to the greenhouses.

AGRIPOLYANE ZI Clos Marquet – BP 188 – 42408 SAINT CHAMOND CEDEX , France

HTE logo


Since 2014, EUROPROGRESS has been share holder of the company HTE High Tech Equipment, leader company in the field of the design of technological installations for greenhousew crops. Thanks to this precious collaboration, it is possible to realize TURN-KEY projects.

HTE  HIGH TECH EQUIPMENT  SRL Via G. MAZZINI , 17 – 51010 Massa e Cozzile  (PT) ITALY