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Andre Lejeune - fondatore Europrogress

Andre Lejeune – Europrogress founder

Europrogress srl,  has been marketing greenhouses and technologies for protected crops since 1986 thanks to twenty-year long collaborations and partnership with field experts.

Agricultural greenhouses, storage greenhouses, from consultancy to design

Europrogress srl,  has been marketing greenhouses and technologies for protected crops since 1986 thanks to twenty-year long collaborations and partnership with field experts.

Europrogress srl becomes manufacturer of greenhouses, by carrying out any type of agricultural greenhouse for horticultural productions, greenhouses for warehouse, breeding greenhouses, photovoltaic greenhouses, garden center greenhouses and greenhouses for any other use and cover.  .

So far, plenty of projects have been carried out all over the world including Italy, Europe, Russia. Mediterranean countries, Middle East, Mexico and Central America. They have been adjusted to the different climatic areas thanks to the detailed study of each greenhouse.

Our greenhouses are installed with the collaboration of external teams, who are specialized in assembling and carrying out this activity only for Europrogress srl.

In addition to the greenhouses, Europrogress srl deals with the technical studies and implementation of the whole plants needed also for the optimization of the crops without soil, the so-called hydroponics:

  • Heating for greenhouses
    • hanging,
    • wheeled,
    • tower,
    • biomass ,
  • cooling systems,
  • installation of fixed and mobile benches
  • garden furniture,
  • thermal and shade screens,
  • solar enrichment systems,
  • irrigation and fertigation installations, with cultivation accessories
  • electric systems for greenhouse equipment.

By providing state-of-the-art and performing systems, Europrogress srl can meet the needs of the small family farms as well as those of the big farm cooperatives, agricultural development bodies and educational establishments.

The greenhouses are designed by our engineering department, which relies on a team of experts of this field, who apply design criteria resulting from synergies between:

  • solutions and needs of the customer
  • cultivation needs
  • climatic conditions

and are completed with load and structural calculations. The required declarations are studied and issued by engineers in compliance with the legal regulations in force, available in our premises.
The engineering study and marketing system of Europrogress srl  has been certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 qualitative standards.

Each greenhouse is the result of in-depth studies and research in the field and is designed in order to supply customer with a reliable product, complying with qualitative standards in force and conceived for the best planning of space.

Thanks to the innovation and performance of the installations, Europrogress srl  collaborates with Research Institutions and Bodies for the development of scientific and experimental prototypes including each technology..


An efficient service of technical assistance garantees the customer the achievement of the best result from his purchase. The extra of Europrogress srl consists in the technical and commercial assistance starting from the design initial stage up to thr after-sales stage.


Europrogress srl can also grant financing solutiond thanks to the administrative staff.

Our warehouse is always supplied with spare parts and accessories for greenhouses, great amount of plastic films (SKY film and other plastic films for greenhouses), which can be delivered by our forwarders in short times

In addition, the collaboration with the best couriers by land or sea ensures the best exploitation of the logistics department. Delivery terms are respected and a quick and steady tecnical assistance is provided.

Our marketing department arranges the participation of EUROPROGRESS to trade fairs and to the most important national and international congresses of the field all over the year. These events are always supported by our sales network and by our partners, who make our product and our mission more and more known.

Quality ISO 2008 Europrogress srl valid until 19/07/2017.

Since 08/08/2002  Europrogresssrl  has obtained a Quality System compliant with the requirements of the  UNI EN ISO 9001.2008 regulation..

The certification is valid for the design, marketing and installation of metal structures for photovoltaic plants, horticultural cultivations, garden centers, sheds for equipment and animal, mushroom beds (Sector EA : 28-29). .

Every year an accurate control is carried out by Det Norske Veritas Italy s.r.l., certifying and verifying the existence of the requiments, which enable Europrogress srl to continue to be certified.

Thanks to the certification, it is possible to point out a perfect synchrony in the working stages, a safety and an optimal quality in the service provided.
The Quality Certification allows Europrogress srl to increase its working capacity rapidly, safely and reliably.

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